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The Service Group

Phone: 919.576.9411
    • Over 30 years of experience of service.
    • We believe in a ‘less fluff – more stuff’ and ‘old school’ business model which allows the customer to be our TOP priority. We don’t want a pat on the back for showing up for a job on time, and we don’t want extra credit for doing the job correct the first time.
    • We offer a free consultation (we ASK you what you want, we don’t TELL you).
    • We DON’T CHARGE FOR SERVICE CALLS (after all they are our lights and we installed them).
    • We are fully insured, professionally trained & qualified.
    • The BEST PART? In most cases, the client does not need to be present for the actual installation, maintenance, or take down.
    • English-speaking crew.

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