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Summer Focus for the Luxury Home Marketing Group:
Millennials in the Marketplace and Construction/Renovation

The Raleigh-based Luxury Home Marketing Group examined two growing areas of the Estate Home marketplace during summer sessions: Members of the Millennial generation entering the marketplace, and providing for construction and renovation needs in lending.

“Millennials are people born between 1980 and 1995, just following the so-called Generation X,” said LHMG President Linda Craft. “With our exclusive marketing partner, Towne Mortgage of the Carolinas (NMLS #214800), we reviewed data about this growing group of home-buyers how their homeownership needs vary from previous generations as they move into the Luxury Home market.”

Towne Mortgage’s Denise Beatty presented data from the National Association of Realtors indicating that Millennials represent the largest percentage of home buyers, overall, and a small but growing number of home sellers. Towne Mortgage of the Carolina’s Chris Whitaker also presented details of how construction-to-permanent loans and renovation loans can work well with Estate Home buyers.

Recent tours of Luxury Homes featured estate-style homes represented by Leslie Young (2509 Sharon View, Wakefield, Raleigh and 1225 Keith Rd., Hasentree, Wake Forest); Kimberly Conroy (1200 Ladowick, Hasentree, Wake Forest and 1508 Tradescant Court, Raleigh); Kathy Beacham, (7713 Serenity Lake Dr., Serenity Lake, Wake Forest), and Linda Craft (106 Baybrook Ct., Baybrook, Cary and 9109 Fawn Hill Ct., Brier Creek, Raleigh). The Luxury Home Marketing Group website includes profiles of every member, and a home-search feature for homes in the estate-home marketplace (

The Luxury Home Marketing Group is always seeking strategic partners. If your business involves elite homes, and you are interested in membership, contact President Linda Craft at 919-235-6300. Visit the LHMG blog,, website,, and Pinterest board ( for more details.

Background: The group was formed in 2004 as a coalition of luxury home real estate experts, representing luxury home buyers and sellers by applying extraordinary real estate expertise and service in Raleigh, Cary, Wake Forest, Durham, Chapel Hill, Research Triangle Park and surrounding counties. Executive Board members are: President Linda Craft, Linda Craft & Teams, REALTORS®, Vice-President Jill Rekuc of Olde Raleigh Real Estate, LLC , Secretary: Kimberly Conroy, Coldwell Banker HPW, Treasurer Shawn Britt of Realty World-Triangle Living and Past-President Kathy Beacham, Coldwell Banker HPW. Members include Linda Bird Kolarov, Steina DeAndrade, Deborah Nance, Lindsay Taylor, Ida Terbet , Mary Edna Williams, Molly Owen, Leslie Young and Gail Perry.

Leslie Young 2509 Sharon View, Wakefield, Raleigh

Outstanding Feature: Outdoor Living

Leslie Young 1225 Keith Rd., Hasentree, Wake Forest

Outstanding Feature: Plenty of Kitchen!

Kimberly Conroy 1200 Ladowick, Hasentree, Wake Forest

Outstanding Feature: Comfortable Indoor/Outdoor Living

Kimberly Conroy 1508 Tradescant Court, Raleigh

Outstanding Feature: Masterful Master Bath

Kathy Beacham, 7713 Serenity Lake Dr., Serenity Lake, Wake Forest

Outstanding Feature: Poolside Pleasure

Linda Craft 106 Baybrook Ct., Baybrook, Cary
Oustanding Feature: Copious Curb Appeal
Linda Craft 9109 Fawn Hill Ct., Brier Creek, Raleigh
Outstanding Feature: Wonderful Wine Cellar
Towne Mortgage of the Carolinas (NMLS #214800)