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Meeting the Demands of an Increasingly Active Market March’s Focus for the Luxury Home Marketing Group

The Raleigh-based Luxury Home Marketing Group focused on matching home seller’s needs to home buyer’s demands during March’s networking meeting.

“Our exclusive marketing partner, Towne Mortgage of the Carolinas (NMLS #214800) briefed us on developments in the mortgage marketplace” said LHMG President Linda Craft. “Part of our organization’s strength is having market research and ongoing education like this to help us deliver the best possible service to our clients.”

Towne Mortgage’s Denise Beatty discussed how increased demand for Adjustable Rate Mortgages and Jumbo loans is impacting the $750,000 and up marketplace, which is the focus of the Luxury Home Marketing Group’s expertise.

“These loans earned a bad reputation during the housing-bubble,” said Beatty. “However, for borrowers who have great credit in the estate-home marketplace, they are an extraordinary option for a great home.”

The group brushed up on the use of social media to enhance their relationships with clients in a presentation by Cameron Knowles of Cameron Knowles Creative Services, a Durham-based media consultant. The team focused on engaging more frequently through their BlogFacebook and Pinterest accounts.

March’s tour of Luxury Homes featured an estate-style home represented by Lindsay Taylor (11215 Empire Lakes Drive, Brier Creek, Raleigh). The Luxury Home Marketing Group website includes profiles of every member, and a home-search feature for homes in the estate-home marketplace ( (See details below)

Empire Lakes Drive - Brier Creek - Raleigh

11215 Empire Lakes Drive, Brier Creek, Raleigh, represented by Lindsay Taylor

Outstanding Feature:
Superior Sun Room with a great view.