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New Home Construction in the Luxury Home Market April’s Focus for the Luxury Home Marketing Group

The Raleigh-based Luxury Home Marketing Group focused on advising new home buyers on their options to finance, during April’s networking meeting.

“Our exclusive marketing partner, Towne Mortgage of the Carolinas (NMLS #214800) outlined developments in a key loan type for those building in the $750,000 and up market” said LHMG President Linda Craft. “The construction-to-permanent loan offers a one-stop lending option to carry our clients from home construction through move-in to occupancy.”

Towne Mortgage’s Denise Beatty and Chris Whitaker reviewed details of the construction to permanent loan during the meeting.

The group also offered condolences to the family LHMG member Ginger Rogers who recently passed away following a brief illness.

April’s tour of Luxury Homes featured estate-style homes represented by Mollie Owen (2419 Anderson Drive, Inside the Beltline, Raleigh), Ida Terbet (3715 Lassiter Mill, Inside the Beltline, Raleigh), Linda Craft (7124 North Ridge Drive, North Ridge Raleigh), Shawn Britt (6040 Over Hadden Court, Chatsworth, Raleigh), and Linda Bird Kolarov, (1516 Consett Court, Stonemoor, Raleigh). The Luxury Home Marketing Group website includes profiles of every member, and a home-search feature for homes in the estate-home marketplace ( (See details below).

Anderson Drive 2419 Anderson Dr., Inside the Beltline, Raleigh, represented by Mollie Owen.
Outstanding Feature:
Spectacular Stairs
Lassiter Mill 3715 Lassiter Mill, Inside the Beltline, Raleigh represented by Ida Terbet.
Outstanding Feature
Stellar Sunroom
North Ridge 7124 North Ridge Drive, North Ridge, Raleigh represented by Linda Craft.
Outstanding Feature:
Fore! Right on the Golf Course.
Over Hadden 6040 Over Hadden Court,
Chatsworth, Raleigh represented by Shawn Britt.
Outstanding Feature:
Pool with Fiber-Optic Lighting
Consett Court 1516 Consett Court, Stonemoor, Raleigh represented by Linda Bird Kolarov.
Outstanding Feature:
Beautiful Bar & Dining Area